Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions



1. What is NeoReader® ? 
NeoReader®  is a mobile application that turns a camera mobile phone into a code scanner and provides one-click access to mobile content.

The user simply launches the NeoReader application on their mobile phone, scans the 2D barcode that appears in magazines, newspapers, billboards, product packages, business card, or any variety of medium, and is directly linked to the multimedia capability of the mobile Web.

The NeoReader application can be downloaded from any app store.
2. On which mobile operating systems does the NeoReader application operate?
The NeoReader mobile application operates on a number of popular mobile devices including Apple, Motorola, HTC, Nokia, Samsung and Sony Mobile.  For a complete list of operating systems supported, please see

3. My mobile phone operating system is not supported. What should I do?
If your operating system is not listed above, you can email for further information on your specific O/S. 

4. Do I have to pay to download and use the NeoReader?
The application is free, but you may be charged standard data rates by your mobile carrier for accessing the mobile web (depending upon your phone plan). 

5. What kind of codes can I read with NeoReader?
2D barcodes like Data Matrix, QR code and Aztec code can be read by the NeoReader application.

Universal Product Codes (UPC), better known as barcodes and found on most consumer products, can not be scanned by all mobile phones because the phone’s camera does not focus well enough to allow these types of barcodes to be scanned. To scan UPC codes, we recommend you use a mobile phone with auto-focus.

Note: As a backup, if the application does not work, you are still able to use the Enter Code button to type in the product code number that appears below these barcodes.




1. How do I use NeoReader with an iPhone?
To scan a barcode, select the Scan button (or if you‘re already on the Scan tab, tap it) to start the camera. For best results, position the barcode in the centre of the screen and far enough away such that the code does not appear too blurry (if the camera is too close, the barcode becomes too blurry to reliably scan). Once you have the camera positioned, select the green camera icon to take the picture and scan the barcode.




1. I have a pre-loaded NeoReader application on my mobile phone and I want to update it. Is it possible?
If you have a pre-loaded NeoReader on your mobile phone, you won’t be able to update the code reading application via our site. Please check with the mobile phone manufacturer if update versions are currently available for the mobile phone you are using.